B for Backstabbers

I’m just starting to see the two-face-ness in my family; sisters backstabbing sisters, kids backstabbing parents, uncles backstabbing nephews. I don’t even know who I can talk to anymore without having to worry about my shit being aired out to the next motherfucker, and then that motherfucker passing it onto the next next motherfucker.

I swear gossip spreads faster than head lice. Everybody just thrives off it. It’s become their daily nicotine dose. If there’s no gossip within their friends or family, they look to celebrities. It’s like they’re so unhappy and bored with their own lives, they go searching for something or someone to talk about. It’s pitiful.

What ever happened to dealing with a problem face-to-face? Nowadays, people get upset with someone and look to Facebook or alcohol for guidance and support. But how does that solve the problem? You go on Facebook to back stab in the hopes of rounding up a little group of haters to spread the word for you. You buy you some alcohol, invite some friends over, and then you back stab to them over a few drinks. But when you log off Facebook, the problem is still there. And when you wake up the next day with a hangover, the problem is STILL there.


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