One month and a week since I last drank. And when I drink – I fucking drink. I find it so backwards, how the things that can actually (and legally) kill us, is sold to us in fine packaging. YET, the one thing that can actually cure sicknesses and emotional issues, has a fucking price on it. And a big one at that.

If weed was legalised, and treated as a fucking medicine, then maybe, just MAYBE, pigs would be out there arresting and charging the real criminals. To give a person 25 to life, just for possession of marijuana, is fucking ridiculous. Like, when have you ever sat down next to a stoner and felt some type of hostility towards you? … NEVER. Unless, they lost a whole bag of weed. But other than that – Are they out here killing people? Are they out here robbing people? Are they out here raping people? Nope.

In every movie, you’ll see the stoner character, played out as a ditsy cunt. Which I find discriminating as fuck. Of all the stoners I’ve met in my life, there has only been ONE dumb motherfucker that I have ever met. And the only reason I haven’t punched him in the face yet is because he’s my cousins partner.

Moral of the fucking story is, I’ve learnt more shit off stoners than I ever did in school.


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